Nature and Forest Photography

In my images, I try to show nature to the viewer as I perceive it: not as a whole but in its details. My interest lies in what we see every day but still overlook. This can be a dried up thistle flower, or a shrub’s bare winter branches briefly glowing golden in the early light of the morning.

My artist’s motto is: ‘Pay attention to the details. They tell the story.’ Only occasionally do I photograph landscapes. I find my every day subjects in the woodlands and along the rivers of my Bavarian home. Even though I am expanding my travels in the search for natural landscapes and ‘real’ and ancient forests, my main focus will stay within the German borders.

Forests inspire me all year round. Spring is fascinating with its immeasurable variations of green, summer with its spectacular change of light and shade. Autumn showing grasses in their full glory with the low sun accenting their innate beauty. Winter stripping away the shrouding leaves, exposing the previously veiled: structures and abstracts. (And maybe photography for me is just an excuse to do what I love to do: strolling through the nature.)

Gina Bromá | Nature and Forest Photography

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